The stories I write will never be confined to a single genre. I intend to write fantasy, horror, some science fiction, action, and maybe a little drama here and there. I will try and keep each story as original as possible, although questioning reality will likely be a recurring theme. The why, is a little harder to answer, but I will do my best to. I’ve loved reading from a young age and the first set of books I read were the Harry Potter series (naturally). I was inspired to write mainly by the works of J.K. Rowling, Christopher Paolini, C.S. Lewis, and Ted Dekker. My style will likely be spread some what sporadically, due to the influence of the aforementioned authors, as well as the influence of other authors that I have enjoyed, which include Dickens, Hawthorne, Hemingway, Shakespeare, Chesterton, Tolkien, Kipling, and Defoe, to name a few. Therefore the style that I will hopefully develop should be fairly unique. I hope you enjoy my stories, and I look forward to your feedback.



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