“I’m fairly new to the world of writing.” That statement is true, but it’s also false. You see I’ve written before, mostly for school, but I’ve also written some other things. The difference is that I’ve never really finished anything, I’ve started plenty of stuff, I’ve actually started four books, and each time I did I had a story planned out in my mind. Despite this, the furthest I ever got was a chapter and a half, and I didn’t even finish the first page of one of them. Why this happened is rather simple, I didn’t know how to end it, I had the start of the story planned out, a basic outline of the middle, but no ending, so I gave up. Of course you could start a hundred stories before you finally refine your style enough to actually fashion a good book. But giving up should not be an option. The best thing to do, I think, is to just keep writing, an writing, and writing, and if you can’t end it in a reasonable amount of time end it with a cliffhanger and continue the story in another book. The truth is, you don’t truly create your stories, you discover them within yourself, therefore I think if you keep writing, then you have to discover the ending sometime.



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