To you, who I am is a mystery. All you need to know is that I have decided to document stories. The reason for withholding my identity is twofold, one being that I know better than to hand out my name on the internet, the second, and more important, is the plain and simple truth that mystery makes for a better story. The story behind my name is rather random, simple and unexciting, however I like the meaning behind it, a meaning that I assigned after I acquired my pen name.  The easiest to understand is that I am a youth, not younger than 14, but not older than 21. Zany is a word not often used today, it means unconventional, or crazy. I can tell you that I suffer from no mental illnesses, but I think that Zany truly describes, in the best way possible, the craziness of the human condition. Therefore it is a name that really describes me, and that is the reason it stuck.